1: The Day I Stopped Dragging My Feet

1: The Day I Stopped Dragging My Feet

I have been dragging my feet for a while now on starting to blog because I am a little OCD. It was starting to look like I would never start and Wednesday was the day I said I would start. It is now Sunday and I am releasing myself from my slight disorder and saying what the hell. I figure I can start off a little bad and develop over time. Feel me?

So here it is, my first blog post. Things may change over time as far as layout, the link, the header etc. but for now here I am! I recently went to New York Fashion Week and got really inspired by the Quann twins ( - I was thinking to myself...well we sort of share a name, both black, both have big hair, both human, both love fashion so why couldn't I do what they do? So here I am going for it (feedback welcomed btw). 

Without further ado (that’s how you spell it, I googled it)... my first blog post is going to be a closet post. Meaning, I am going to talk about a personal outfit. I promise, all of my post won't be full of narcissism. 

Lace Top - $3 from The Village Discount (near Kent, OH) Scarf - $2 from The Village Discount (near Kent, OH) Long Sleeve Undershirt - $13 from H&M


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