1: The Day I Stopped Dragging My Feet

I have been dragging my feet for a while now on starting to blog because I am a little OCD. It was starting to look like I would never start and Wednesday was the day I said I would start. It is now Sunday and I am releasing myself from my slight disorder and saying what the hell. I figure I can start off a little bad and develop over time. Feel me?

So here it is, my first blog post. Things may change over time as far as layout, the link, the header etc. but for now here I am! I recently went to New York Fashion Week and got really inspired by the Quann twins (urbanbushbabes.com) - I was thinking to myself...well we sort of share a name, both black, both have big hair, both human, both love fashion so why couldn't I do what they do? So here I am going for it (feedback welcomed btw). 

Without further ado (that’s how you spell it, I googled it)... my first blog post is going to be a closet post. Meaning, I am going to talk about a personal outfit. I promise, all of my post won't be full of narcissism. 

Lace Top - $3 from The Village Discount (near Kent, OH)  Scarf - $2 from The Village Discount (near Kent, OH)  Long Sleeve Undershirt - $13 from H&M

Lace Top - $3 from The Village Discount (near Kent, OH)

Scarf - $2 from The Village Discount (near Kent, OH)

Long Sleeve Undershirt - $13 from H&M

Once I got back to Ohio from New York City, I went shopping, keeping in mind that I wanted to get more stand out pieces. Months and months ago Jaden Smith inspired me to start shopping in the women's section from time to time and own it best I can. In doing so I've developed an interesting "soft androgynous" sort of style.

I went thrifting at The Village Thrift Store near my school (Kent State University) and found this black lace shirt and really big red scarf. I layered that on top of a long line/long sleeve shirt I bought from H&M (essential basic for me, you might see this shirt appear often) and a pair of distressed jeans with impressively large holes that my dad hates from ASOS. For almost a year now I've gotten really into jewelry, mostly rings and hand accessories (gloves, tattoo, rings...that kinda thing). So I have on several rings from different thrift shops in the area, a few I stole from my friend Nelly (nellym.com) and some from Forever21 just because I am a little cheap (broke) these days. I also have this lace glove on that I bought from Amazon. It came in a set of two but I like the way one glove looks these days (I can't find the other one). 

Pants - $32 from  ASOS

Pants - $32 from ASOS

Shoes...I got my shoes from eBay some time ago, they were only 40 bucks! I got them trying to be face when getting dressed for my high school winter formal (yes, nearly four years ago). I was really big into Justin Timberlake at the time and his shoes he always wore around the release of 20/20 and these wingtips were the closest ones I could find. 

Necklace - $0.76 from  Amazon.com  (seller:  QIYUN.Z )

Necklace - $0.76 from Amazon.com (seller: QIYUN.Z)

Another from Amazon is this $3 (shipping included) necklace. It's super cheap and the quality isn't amazing but, you know it looks pretty cool. This seller has some really cool stuff for nice prices as long as you're aware of the whole "you get what you pay for" thing. Don't expect this to be real gold or anything, but it isn't breaking either!

Alright, I guess thats enough for my first post, I've been talking a bit much and most of you probably didn't read this but thanks for stopping by, please share, comment, give feedback, (if it's negative just text me or I'll probably just delete the comment to save face). 

Happy Sunday, stay lit.