3: Black Out

By now, we should all know what it is...but for those of you who are unaware, Black Out (Day) is a a social media campaign that in a nutshell...celebrates Blackness. Carefree, unapologetic, uncensored, Blackness. I noticed that the first Black Out Day (March 5, 2015 - Happy Anniversary by the way) started around the time when we finally started getting tired of images of unarmed Black people who were killed by police being so unnecessarily negative. By that, I mean, the media pulling negative imagery from god knows where to associate with Black people, criminals and victims alike.

ANYWAY...Black Out Day is the day that happens a handful of times a year, where people of African descent post positive images of themselves fighting stereotypes. It is a nice day scrolling through Tumblr or Instagram and seeing so much unapologetic Blackness and proud melanin all in once place. For some people, like myself, this day is very empowering. This day has helped to give people life changing personal confidence in themselves. Representation is very important, especially today with the media having as huge an impact as it has. Being able to see yourself in the media, or online, in a positive light makes more of a difference than you would think.

"The lack of representation and celebration of everyday black people in mainstream spaces such as movies and television, and the need to create a positive space in which black people could feel welcomed and beautiful. " - tumblr.TheBlackOut.org

To learn more about what Black Out Day is check out their official page here.

Check out my Black Out Contributions below.

LaQuann Dawson (laquanndawson.com) - (just to keep in appropriate captioning formula or in case you didnt know)

Michelle Carr (http://www.mjustiniani.com)

Nelly Mirabel (nellym.com)

December 2015 - Tre Planes, Austin Coats, Jowan Cole, Courion Williams, Isaac Korb, Trevor Lee, and yours truly.

Happy two days after Black Out Day everyone. Oh and happy women's day too. Y'all are beautiful and magical and just the shit if I can say so. 


All photos by yours truly.