rock the runway

2: Rock the Runway 2016

So last night, basically my first time out of the house or classroom all semester, my school hosted it's annual Rock the Runway Fashion Show/Competition. Basically, a bunch of student designers, whatever year, whatever major, can submit pieces and be considered to be apart of the show. This year, 13 designers made the cut and showed their mini collections to a packed house under the theme "The Jacksons". Each year there is a different theme and basically the contestants were to create a 3 piece collection with the umbrella "inspiration" being "The Jacksons" - meaning anyone apart of the Jackson family (Michael Jackson in case you are still confused). 

I've gone the last three years and it is always really exciting to go to (especially if you at least moderately know any of the contestants). I'm not sure I am actually qualified to review a fashion show but I took some pictures of the show last night that I really wanted to share. 

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