My name is LaQuann Dawson, I am a photographer/videographer trying to grow my business. I am primarily a portrait photographer and I am slowly getting more into video and production. I shoot headshots, lookbooks, events, fashion shows, editorials, interviews, documentaries, fashion films, self portraits and more. I am hoping to expand to even larger scale things in the very near future. Get a feel for my work here: 

As my business grows, I am running into an issue where the amount of work I have to do (shooting and editing) and the amount of emails i need to read and send are getting a bit unbalanced. I would like to focus more on the art side of things and bring on outside help with scheduling, pitching, organization, file storage, set design, lighting, transport, research and reminders, clothing pulls, team building, detail checking, concept and brainstorming, etc.

I am looking for someone who has an interest in fashion, photography, film and community based work. I am also preferable to someone on the lgbtq spectrum, whereas almost 100% of the work i do is for, with and by queer poc mostly based in NY.

For now what I can offer is a monthly stipend which we can negotiate. I can make sure you are fed during shoots. I will teach you all that I can about digital photography, networking, lighting, design (illustrator, photoshop, indesign), styling, retouching etc. For bigger/higher paying shoots I will always request in my invoice an assistant's fee that you will be able to keep. Further than that I am open to a conversation about needs/wants and expectations. 

I will offer full transparency with what I am capable of. I have a lot of valuable skills and knowledge that i'd love to offer to someone in exchange for a bit of help in some areas. 

Please send a resume and examples of any work you've done. 


- filter and respond to emails to and from clients 

- help with pitching to publications and possible clients 

- help with organizing storage and files 

- help set up lighting for the day of a shoot 

- help carrying/transporting equipment to set 

- social media curation/backup 

- outreach 

- website maintenance 

- more that will come up, photo and video work comes with levels and levels of things that just happen, i'd love someone who is interested in it all, or at least trying things once or twice and letting me know afterwards just what you are looking for.


- highly responsible and organized (this is the most important) 

- knowledge with some or all of following: macbook pro, iphone, google drive***, dropbox, squarespace, gmail, adobe suite (primarily photoshop, indesign, illustrator, premiere pro), final cut, imessage, finder 

- research skills 

- interpersonal skills - i'd like to be able to have you on set and be in some ways aggressive (example: people aren't allowed in the back room of my studio, not for changing, storage, nothing - i'd like an ideal candidate to let people know as soon as they are made away people are in the back, that they need to move out) 

- experience with invoicing - if not, i can teach this 

- comfortable following up with models, stylists and clients 

- must be NYC based, preferably brooklyn 

- i am looking for someone part time, some remote work is of course totally fine, i'd love to have you in studio and around so i can have hands-on help as well. some shoots will be on location and i’ll be traveling so some MTA sensibilities are preferable.

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