16: Dad by LaQuann Dawson

As a kid, the quickest way to my heart was a promise of McDonalds and a trip to the mall. As I grow older things get difficult, more challenging and a lot less simple. As an adult, intangible things like emotions, bonds, memories, chemistry and love take over our lives and lead a path to our hearts.

I am not an easy person to reach but I’d like to send this to a man who has never stopped fighting for me, my happiness and my safety.

My number one, my hustler, my best friend, my biggest fan, my hero, my pops. Since I can remember you’ve been the strongest man and the strongest person I have ever and could ever encounter. I know that we are very different people but if only you knew how much I’ve adopted from you, how much you have taught me. 

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15: Invisible Life by LaQuann Dawson

Originally this post was supposed to be an update on how I was doing in New York...but now I feel like there are more significant and current things to talk about. 

So, Florida...I wake up this morning hearing about some shooting in Orlando. 50 killed, 53 injured? So 103 people physically harmed from this massacre. According to articles I read this is the worst in US history. A lot of articles I am seeing are brushing over the fact that it was indeed a gay club and so automatically this incident is associated with hate crimes. After speaking to the parents of the alleged shooter, his parents say he "would become angry when saw two men kissing," giving him a bit of irrational motive. 

Photo by Nelly Tonleu (nellym.com)


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14: An Update by LaQuann Dawson

Today marks my official first Day of summer break. Somehow all of my finals ended up being on the same day and now I am done until the end of August. You guys, it has been such a long semester you have no idea how relieved I am right now. I have learned so much, met some great professors and now for the summer...I am headed to New York.

Hoodie - Ivy Park (topshop.com) - photo by me


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13: Cultural Appropriation by LaQuann Dawson

So the topic has been coming up a lot lately and I've been seeing confused faces left and right about it. What is cultural appropriation? It's just hair, right? Just clothes with fancy patterns, its just jewelry. So I am going to do my best at explaining what cultural appropriation is and give my opinion on why and how my people get offended by it.

Hair by Nelly (nellym.com) - Photo by me.

So first off, cultural appropriation at its most basic definition is when one culture adopts elements from another. America is a melting pot of diverse cultures and people and a lot of time the cultures rub off on one another. Which in a lot of ways can be a good thing. Cultural appropriation, however, is an issue, a very complicated issue, but an issue nonetheless. I think that part of it depends on the context, and keep in mind that this is a subjective issue, a lot of us might not agree. Even still, people are being offended so it needs to be addressed and understood.

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12: Primaries by LaQuann Dawson

This is a series of images I took on whim one night with my friend Michelle (who you've seen before). Having some fun with color and practicing with studio light, background consistency and composition. We're getting there y'all. Baby steps!



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11: I Was Served Lemons by LaQuann Dawson

"I was served lemons, but I made lemonade."

Lemon | courtesy of my roommate Alexis Charley (@charleycurls_) - Stool | courtesy Isaac Korb (@isaac_korb)

I was served lemons...but I made lemonade....not until I saw Jay Z's grandmother speak these word's in Beyoncé's new visual album did I actually understand the concept of this phrase. For me the phrase has always been just something to say, I'd never actually put thought into it or tried to evaluate it. So I am thinking that this phrase lends itself to say that lemons are something negative. Sour. And lemonade is something positive and sweet. It is a simple concept so don't think I'm patting myself on the back or anything for just now getting this. But I get it, I do. We, all of us, are given some type of hardship and it is sort of our responsibility to try and make something good out of it. Out of everything.


Jewelry | assortment from Amazon and Einstein's Attic (Einstein's Attic) - Coat | thrifted from Volunteers of America (Volunteers of America)

Bolero| Einstein's Attic (Einstein's Attic) - Scarf | Ebay (ebay.com)

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10: The Beautiful Ones by LaQuann Dawson

Apparently we "lost" Prince today. I'm having a Long Island on my lunch break with my coworkers when I get a text from my dad saying "Wow Prince is dead." The restaurant got a little cold at that point.

I wasn't yet born when he was at his prime, but I grew up with his music and stories of this legend nonetheless. I've been affected by his influence. My dad would tell me stories about his childhood and how he was influenced by Prince and how he looked up to him. He'd tell me how he'd do his hair like him and wear these leather boots to school. I used to watch my dad watching The Purple Rain with a smile on his face like he'd never seen it before, waiting to go out until it was over.


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9: Self-Love by LaQuann Dawson

Lately I've been coming across different people who have different ideas of what self-love is or what it means to love oneself so I thought I might share mine.

Shirt - Topman (topman.com) | Cardigan - Thrifted (The Village Thrift Shop) | original photo by India Pringle (@fathomsome) - edit by me

For me, as a person who certainly loves himself, self-love is about forgiving and being comfortable with who I am. I think its easier to talk about loving yourself as if you are someone else. So humor me for a second...say you have a friend...Your friend has all these great qualities, they are kind, they are open to growth, they have nice hair, a unique sense of humor and a whole lot of ambition. This friend has flaws and makes mistakes too. They've cheated on a lover, shops too much, forgets to call grandma back, they don't visit home enough, they don't work out everyday, they break out every now and then, falls asleep at work and loves to argue. Is this friend less worthy of your love because of these qualities? Be honest, are these things that will make you stop loving your friend?



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