22: he ain't quiet / by LaQuann Dawson

the Gay that glitter my footsteps

be loud
be heavy
be jaunty
be immortal
be everything you never wanted Him to

better get used to Him
before my Gay be flamboyanced
before the Gay under my step cause earthquakes
opening fissures that seep glitter and purple syrup

deep   mysterious holes in the earth will
swallow men   whole  
will ignore cries for mercy
will sprout killer lillies

poisoning Tradition with misplaced juices and blood boiled high
hurting more than feelings with rhinestones pressed into skin
setting fire to dust and homes that no longer be
falling for a face that looks like home and a voice that tells you it ain't

stone walls covered with beyoncé posters will rise eighty feet tall
the Sky will cry for it's mother for two weeks straight
horns will replace flowers atop a coconut oiled scalp
Loneliness will have to change their name and cut their heir

the sun will refuse to rise
ghosts will prey on the small minded first
prayer won't save you
i won't save you

flawless gardens will molder Black from heartbreak   and
you still won't make it past the welcome gates
your invitation to the funeral will get lost in the mail
your invitation to the wedding will get lost in the mail
your invitation to my son's first birthday party will get lost in the mail
for me, the high-road leads straight to hell, daddy
and i promise you'll wish you removed
your pride and denial

from the shoebox in your closet
before the apocalypse
so     what say you now that mankind's fate rests on your demeanor

doth Glitter look familial      or
be He too pretty
too heavy and alive

i will grant no one permission to keep us away
my Gay will not allow it

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